What are dreams ?

Dreams are defined in Webster's Dictionary as a
"sequence of sensations, images, thoughts, etc., passing through a sleeping person's mind"
and has been a topic of study dating back to 4000 B.C. One may say that dreams have been around as long as the first civilization came to be and are just a normal part of human existence.

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Common dreams

In this section, we provide a more in depth analysis to some of the common dream themes that most people may have at one point in their life. Dreams that you are falling, that you are naked in a public place, or of losing your teeth are all dreams shared by a lot of people.
It is quite fascinating and mysterious how people from different backgrounds and different experiences can share these common themes.
The human mind has the ability to generate and conjure a myriad of images, yet we can have such similar dreams. This may serve to remind us that perhaps we are all not that different. Some psychologists have argued that our shared dream experiences serve to connect us as a human race. Human beings share common concerns, hopes, fears, and conflicts.